Advantages and Disadvantages of Fake Plant Walls

Comfortable patio setup at a backyard garden

Mounting a fake plant wall in your home may seem like the wrongest or best decision to you – it depends on your point of view. Artificial plants are one of the best ways to add some green life to your home or workplace without necessarily breaking a bank. With the artificial plant wall in place, it is hard for an onlooker to know it’s a fake plant from sight – even when they are close. In most cases, they will need to feel the plants and even have some experience before knowing it is not an actual plant. However, if no one knows, you know that you have a fake plant wall in the home.

Because it is not an actual plant, there will be no need to expect the advantages of having an actual plant in the home. Without a doubt, your fake plant brings about all the aesthetics, beauty, and natural appearance that you want. But some perks of actual plants like purifying the air by reducing carbon dioxide is an impossibility. That’s why you need to weigh all possibilities, both positive and negative, before you go ahead to pay for that fake plant wall. Let’s take a look at some advantages and disadvantages of having a fake plant wall.

Advantages of A fake plant wall

There are many advantages of buying and installing a fake plant call in your home. Some of which are;

Last long

When you buy a fake plant wall, you have just made a long-term investment. Of course, your instincts may believe that these fake plant walls wouldn’t stand the test of time. But as against what you’re thinking, faux plant walls last longer than you think. With proper maintenance, you can use your fake plant wall for a number of years.

Retains appearance irrespective of the season

With natural plants, when the weather changes, the appearance of the plants diminishes and comes back to normal when favourable weather springs forth. But with a fake plant wall, when the rain is there when the sun is there, and when winter finally comes, the appearance remains the same. There’s no need to bother about losing the aesthetics due to its appearance.

It doesn’t cause allergies

Our skins are usually allergic to some types of plants after contact. But this can never happen with fake plants because it is not an actual plant. It’s another material that looks like a plant, so there’s no itching after touching a faux plant wall.

Disadvantages of a fake plant wall

As there are advantages of a fake plant wall, there are some disadvantages. These disadvantages include;

Fades over time

As with any other product like your clothes, when your fake plant walls have been exposed over time, they may begin to fade. This is due to the weather conditions and time.

It doesn’t have natural plants characteristics

Because your fake plant walls looks like a real plant doesn’t make it a real plant. You can’t be expecting the fake plant ro absorb CO² and bring in oxygen. It is an impossibility because apart from appearance, fake plant walls are different from the real ones.


We have discussed the advantages and downsides of installing a fake plant wall. As you can see from this guide, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages


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