Top Tips For Headband Wig Care And Maintenance


Headband wigs are pretty popular in the African American market. A headband wig is a wig with a material resembling a headband at the front. Headband wig care and maintenance are vital for maintaining the integrity and quality of the headband material. The care may differ depending on the material and the hair type. This post discusses the top tips for headband wig care and maintenance

Top headband wig care and maintenance tips

Headband wig care and maintenance help enhance the wig’s longevity and aesthetic appeal. The following are some care tips for headband wigs;

1. Hanging for headband wig care

You can care for your headband wig by hanging it when not in use. Hanging your wig will keep it from getting tanged. When wigs or headbands get tangled, you have to suffer through the detangling process using a comb or a brush. More often than not, the process results in the wig hairs breaking. In the case of headband wigs, the struggle during the detangling process can stretch the headband material. This will lead to the wig looking less aesthetically pleasing and neat.

2. Suitable periodic washing for headband wig care

A significant portion of headband wig care is periodic washing. Washing a headband wig will keep it looking neat and attractive. It will also increase its longevity. However, the benefits of washing headband wigs depend on the frequency at which you wash them. Very frequent washing could do your wig more harm than good. Before washing your headband wig, you must plan out the process and acquire the proper cleaning products. It would help if you also used the right water temperature to prevent the headband from stretching and the hair damage.

3. Give your headband wig some rest

Headband wigs are relatively attractive. Therefore, you may be tempted to wear them too often. However, this is the easiest way to ruin your wig. You can practice headband wig care by restating your piece between wears. This way, you protect it from harsh treatments, frequent washing, and other damaging elements. Therefore, it would help to have another wig to swap out with your headband wig or use alternatively.

4. Conditioning for headband wig care

Conditioning your wig can also help maintain it. It can keep the hair from frizzing and maintain its impeccable health. The trick is to acquire the appropriate conditioner depending on the type of wig and the hair color. You must also practice the correct application of conditioner for headband wig care. The correct way to apply conditioner to your wig is to avoid the roots and use a wide-toothed comb. Applying conditioner to the roots could cause the hairs to loosen at the wig base.


You can also care for your headband wig by not wearing it to sleep. Sleeping with your wig on will cause it to get tangled. You may also want to steer clear of heat depending on the hair type. Exposure to too much heat could reduce the quality of the wig and its longevity. You can always consult your hairstylist for more headband wig care and maintenance tips.


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