A Blunt Splitter Tool: What Is It, How To Use It, And Buying Guide


If you have ever tried smoking or are a frequent smoker, then you know what a blunt is. It is a cigar with tobacco inside it removed and exchanged with marijuana. A blunt may also be a marijuana cigarette rolled up with tobacco leaf wrappers. Creating a blunt is easy for those that have been doing it for a while. Apart from the rolling wrapper and marijuana or tobacco, the only tool you need to create a blunt is a blunt splitter. This post will explain what a blunt splitter tool is.

Understanding the meaning, uses, and buying process of a blunt splitter tool

Whether you have not used this tool before or you are looking for a addition, it helps to learn a little things about the blunt splitter tool. You will be in a position to know the value the tool brings and how to utilize it to your advantage. It is also helpful if you want to venture into retail.

What is a blunt splitter tool?

Also known as a blunt cutter, a blunt splitter is a plastic or metallic tool used to cut the tip of a cigar or blunt. Smokers commonly use it cut off the tip of their joints before smoking them. The tool features a circular tube that you pass the cigar or joint through and a razor blade sticking off the side of the splitter for cutting purposes.

How to use a blunt splitter?

Using a blunt splitter tool is easier than you think. If you have not used it before, here is a guide to help you: Select a cigar you want to smoke or turn into a marijuana blunt. After doing this, the blunt splitter now comes in. Push the cigar into the circular part of the blunt splitter (tube). Next, push the sides so the blades can cut through.

The blades are built to cut through the entire cigar without damaging or pulling the wrapper so you can use it to roll the marijuana. Now that you have the opening, you can remove the tobacco from the cigar and replace it with marijuana to turn it into a blunt. Next, roll the marijuana or blunt on the wrapper. The amount of marijuana you add to the blunt will determine its size.

How to purchase the best blunt splitter tool?

When buying this tool, you must first consider its size. You need one that the cigar can fit into easily. Additionally, it would be best if you considered one with sharp blades so they can easily cut through the wrapper without damaging it. Finally, purchase one made from quality materials so it can withstand the test of time.


Alibaba is a fantastic place to purchase a high-quality blunt splitter tool. The platform offers products at incredible retail and wholesale prices to cater to various client needs. Note that making a blunt is not the only thing you can use the blunt splitter for. You can also use it to cut the cigar when you want to smoke it.


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