What Are Primary Differences Between Human Hair And Synthetic Wigs?


In recent years, wigs have become quite common among women. This is because they are incredibly stylish, and they also help them protect their natural hair. It is almost impossible to walk around without noticing a woman wearing a wig, from regular women to fashionistas and superstars. This has encouraged wig manufacturers to develop various wig types, including wigs human hair, and synthetic. This post will discuss the major differentiating factors between synthetic and human hair wigs.

Differences between synthetic and human hair wigs

Below are some of the leading differences between these two types of wigs:

1. Source

One of the most important differentiating elements between human hair wigs and synthetic wigs is their source. Human hair wigs do not go by this name for no reason. They are called “human hair” wigs because the hair used is harvested from human beings. The hair is usually donated by people from different parts of the world. This is also why different human hair wigs are normally named after the country from which the donors hail. For instance, Brazilian human hair wigs are made from hair donated by Brazilians.

On the other hand, synthetic wigs are manufactured from synthetic materials. Synthetic wigs take advantage of technological advancements for their manufacture.

2. Quality

Another difference between these types of wigs is in their quality. It is common knowledge that human hair wigs are higher in quality than the latter. This is because of their source. Human hair wigs can withstand various treatments like coloring and heat without losing their good qualities. However, the current technological advancements have helped improve the quality of synthetic hairs.

3. Strength and durability

Human hair wigs are known for their strength and durability. The wigs can withstand harsh elements like constant combing and styling with heat and chemicals like colorants. The same cannot be said about their synthetic counterparts. These wigs are not strong enough to withstand constant combing, washing, and especially heat.

4. Styling

Synthetic wigs offer the advantage that you can wear them without spending too much time styling them. This is because their styles are typically predetermined. This can also be a disadvantage because it means that styling them differently would be extremely hard. This is not the same with human hair wigs. With human hair wigs, you have to carefully style them before you can wear and walk out with them. However, this also depends on the type of human hair wig you own.

5. So which ones are the best?

Between the two, human hair wigs are, without a doubt, the best. This is because they offer more benefits, like their incredible quality, versatility, and strength. However, you must also give it up for synthetic wigs for their cost-effectiveness and aesthetic appeal.


The trick to enjoying all the features of human hair wigs listed above is to get authentic human hair wigs. The market features a wide range of sellers dealing inauthentic human hair wigs. These products are usually cheap, yet their labels claim that they are authentic human hair wigs. Understanding how to tell the difference would come in handy.



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