A Simple Guide To Patterns Found In A Boho Style Clothing


The boho style clothing is among the best clothing currently available in the market. The buying process may be a little confusing as the dresses come in all types of patterns. Visit here to see some of the most incredible patterns present. While shopping for bohemian clothing, it is always essential to differentiate the different patterns present. Below is a simple guide to the type of patterns found in boho-style clothing.

A guide to the type of patterns found in a boho style clothing

1. Boho style clothing with floral prints

The floral prints are an essential pattern to find in boho-style clothing. The floral prints are usually present over boho-style clothing, such as a dress. The prints are either small or large. Furthermore, the floral colors can be muted, bright, or extra colorful. It all comes back to your decision on how you want your floral boho clothing to look.

2. Ikat pattern

The ikat pattern is attained by coloring material in patterns via resist dyeing. The critical point to note is that the Ikat pattern does not easily come off after washing. It is not applied to the finished fabric or surface. But, the pattern is attained before weaving.

3. Staple tribal pattern

The staple tribal pattern originates from the African cultures. Most African cultures are known for their clothing designs. Bright and bold hues usually characterize the patterns. The tribal print is among the most popular pattern in boho-style clothing.

4. Boho style clothing with trellis pattern

The trellis pattern features consist of a symmetrical pattern woven in different forms. It may consist of climbing flowers, vines, or angular patterns. The patterns in the boho-style clothing are usually interwoven together. Additionally, the trellis pattern is sometimes tile-inspired.

5. Lattice pattern

The lattice pattern is very intricate. It involves patterns diagonally crossing over each other. The lattice pattern is an excellent design but is rarely found in boho-style clothing. It is because boho clothing usually favors simple styles more.

6. Paisley pattern

The paisley pattern is very symbolic, and its primary origin is Persia. The pattern is very intricate and highly exotic. Some of the boho-style clothing may have paisley patterns with mysterious symbols. The symbols may signify different cultural meanings, such as fertility and religion. Boho clothing made from paisley is usually very durable.

7. Kilim pattern

Kilim patterns feature handmade boho-style clothing. Their handmade quality ensures that the pattern can get personalized according to one’s desires. The kilim pattern originates from Turkey. It is derived from the flat-woven rug design in Turkish. The pattern is attained by weaving weft threads forward and backward on a fabric. The kilim patterns are usually very colored. Therefore, you can always find them in whichever color you like.


The boho-style clothing is very versatile. One part of its versatility is the type of pattern present. The clothing is usually present in different patterns. Therefore, it is essential to be able to identify the various patterns. Knowing the patterns will help you in your buying decision.


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