How To Remove Dish Drying Rack Stains

pusdon store + drying rack stains

The Pusdon store sells some of the best racks for drying utensils and dishes. The company sells affordable drying racks for dishes in different designs, sizes, and materials. The best thing about Pusdon dish racks is that they are easy to maintain. This is thanks to their materials. A significant part of maintaining the racks is the cleaning and stain removal. This write-up discusses how to remove dish drying rack stains.

How to remove stains from your dish rack

It is usual for dish drying racks to develop stains over time. The stains usually form due to improper cleaning, the build-up of germs on the rack, and the aging of the rack material. When coated dish racks age, they lose their coating material, leaving the underlying material vulnerable to staining. Regardless of the cause of the stains, the following guide will help remove them;

Step 1; Gather supplies

The first step is gathering the supplies you will need for the stain removal process. One of the most common mistakes people make is to remove stains using the basic cleaning supplies for drying racks. However, for stain removal, you need the following items;

  • Vinegar (preferably white)
  • A basin or bucket (this is optional because you can use your sink bowl for the task)
  • Scrubbing brush
  • Cloth and hot water

Step 2: Preparing the stain removal solution

The next step is to prepare the solution for stain removal. This task is more simple than most people assume. You will need to fill your basic or sink bowl will the hot water, then add your vinegar inside the water. One cup of vinegar should be sufficient for a large bucket of water. Ensure that the solution is enough to submerge the components of the dish rack completely.

Step 3: dismantle the rack and submerge it in the solution

Once your solution is ready, you can submerge your rack inside it. You must ensure that the rack is dismantled before doing this. Dismantling a dishrack should be easy if you have the manual from the manufacturer. However, you can also use an internet guide. Ensure that all the components of the rack are soaked into the water. You may be tempted only to soak the components with stains. However, this would be an unwise idea. The result would be some parts being cleaner and shinier than others. Therefore, you must soak all the components, whether they are stained or not.

Step 4: Let it soak for a while, then drain

Let your drying rack soak for some time, then drain the water or remove the rack from the bucket. The soaking will allow the vinegar to dissolve the build-up causing the stain. You should see visible dirt floating on the water.

Step 5: Scrub

Finally, you can use your scrubbing brush to scrub the drying rack as you would if you were washing it. You can use dish soap and another tub of hot water for this task.

Final word

Once you have completed all the procedures above, rinse the drying rack using clean water, preferably running water. Finally, allow it to dry before putting it back together. If you notice that the stains are still present, you can either repeat the process or decide that it is time to get a new one.


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