Mifo S Analysis: Is this a good earbud?


The mifo S incorporates active noise cancellation into comfy and incredibly tiny wireless earphones. But the battery capacity is insufficient for sleeping as well as doing sports. They are an excellent present for everyone who wears wireless earphones on a regular basis. And with their stylish appearance, proper fit, and great call performance, they are a must-have if you are searching for a TWS earbud below $170.

Mifo S Earphones Construction and Design

The Mifo S appears to be very well built, as evidenced by its sleek and stylish looks and nice compact package factor. Its earphones are tiny in size and easily fit most ears.

It also only weighs 3.5 grams per earphone, which is incredibly light. You simply place it in the ear and then you will ignore that it’s there. The Mifo s is perhaps the world’s tiniest IPX7 Certified Water Proof True Wireless Earbud.

Battery Capacity

Nevertheless, while Mifo advertises this TWS as excellent for sleep, the battery performance falls short of expectations. Depending on if you are using ANC or not, the battery performance ranges from 4 to 6 hours each time.

If you rest with them while utilizing the audio canceling feature, you’ll wake up with the spoken battery capacity alert sometime in the middle of the night, which is a disappointment. If earphones with this form could last through the night with ANC on (but no music), they’d be a practically unmatched set of resting earbuds.

Phone calls and media audio

Despite the fact that the earbuds are so firmly attached in your ears, the Mifo S delivers really good call quality. Ambient noise is still a menace, even if it’s disguised as someone grabbing a bag of potato chips.

Aside from that, your voice is clear and loud, and background disturbances such as trains, adjacent talk, and speeding automobiles are much decreased in the call. Unfortunately, with both calls and video chats, the other person may sound a little weak to you – be prepared to turn up the volume to the maximum.

With flawless audio and video synchronization on iPhone and Android, watching youtube videos with the Mifo S is simple. While playing a game in low-latency mode, there is only a very slight delay in background audio.

Sound Quality

The Mifo S features a strong mid-bass thud that works well in current styles.  Acoustic percussion gets some punch as well, and if a track lacks a powerful bass, the S won’t mind filling up one of several lesser sounds to give it a gentle beat. While the bass has a lot of strength, its hits linger a long time. It might be sharper and more textured.

That said, they have a rich sound to them, with a pleasant and delicate warm undertone. The Mifo S’s small size does have a limit in hard rock or particularly packed harmonic progressions, where it can be noisy and sounds and harmonics feel uncomfortable near to one other.


The Mifo S incorporates active noise cancellation into wonderfully pleasant and tiny wireless earbuds. However, the battery life is much too short. You might be woken up by a dying earbud.

If you’re searching for a set of totally waterproof, lively-sounding wireless earbuds for sports, the Mifo S isn’t the cheapest option, but it’s still a recommended alternative. Especially if you have a tiny ear.


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