Procedure on how you can wear your wig


What do I need to install a wig?

When installing human hair wigs, you need wig clips, weaving needles, thread, and hair clamps. Tighten the straps to fix the wig comfortably securely to have your wig fit you well. Get the little tabs of the adhesive tape to add to the front of your ears securely tighten the tape.

When installing the lace front wig, you need a lace wig cap, adjustable elastic band, comb, clips brush, glue, scissors, freeze spray, hair mousse, silk scarf, foundation brush, and concealer to make it look naturally beautiful. When you finish the installation, you need hair gel, oil, and hair spray to give it a bouncy, shiny and healthy look.

A hair wig has many more advantages than disadvantages that can be handled. You can enjoy your wig in any weather condition as long as you protect yourself. Enjoy the beauty of wigs which has changed the beauty industry significantly.

Do wigs make you sweat?

Human hair wigs can be uncomfortable during summer. Some wigs can make you hot and sweaty, which can be big a challenge and spoil your day. However, if you won’t stay cool in your wig during summer, a couple of pool parties, beach barbecues, and staying indoors when it’s too hot would be great solutions.

Nonetheless, you can choose to switch to synthetic wigs, which are less heavy than the human hair wig. Synthetic is made of lightweight fiber that’s far much lighter than a human hair. If you need to stay cool in summer, you may go for the lighter version of the wig, which is less costly and easy to maintain.

You can choose the updo style of ponytail which is usually less suffocating and gives you considerable breathing space in your hair. You can also braid or have fun that keeps the hair intact and prevent sweating. This way you will solve the problem of sweating that your wig causes.

How long does wig installation take?

Installing a wig can seem to be such a task when new to the business. The installation can take between two to four hours. The amount of time varies depending on the type of wig you want to install and your stylist’s pace. The best thing is to ask your stylist how long it would take them to install a specific wig.

The four by four and five by five inches best suit the beginners as they are easy to install.

When you are a professional in the beauty industry, installing a wig should not take so much time. However, if you are new and just starting, you will experience challenges, perfecting your art with time. You can use a beginner’s wig that’s easy to install and take off.

Why are lace front wigs bad?

Most lace front wigs use heavy-duty adhesive to apply lace front wigs. There are many causes of hair loss and damaged hairlines which can be an eyesore. The irritating adhesives cause extensive damage to your hair.

They may look stunningly beautiful when installed, but if you use them too much and have the wrong installation they might not be perfect options. If removed in a huff without observing best practices, then they cause you massive hair damage.


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