The Innovation Of The Curved Projector Screen


There are several projectors that one can purchase, but these projectors differ in shape, specialization, thickness, size, and material. For example, the curved screen projector is one kind of projector screen that is very popular. The reason is this projector screen has curved edges, thus creating a half-circle or crescent shape. Note the curved projector screen brings an image to life over a more significant and broader canvas.

Additionally, the curved projector screen creates a more aesthetic experience, partially explaining why it is so renowned among people who desire mini theater rooms. Because of the projector’s curve, its edges are closer to the viewer, thus aiding to increase one’s visual field. This effect might make someone feel the image has more depth while creating a more immersive viewing experience. Furthermore, curved projector screens have high-gain material, which aids in the elimination of hot spotting.

The best time to use a curved projector screen

The most effective method of knowing when to put a curved projector to use is checking whether there is a proper throw ratio or an anamorphic lens. Such features happen to be put down on the respective manual or box. Generally, a curved projector screen is significant when the throw ratio is lower than 1.6 or when the throw ratio is below or equal to 1:1. When the throw ratio ranges from 1.6 to 1.9, you can use the curved projector screen. Although there is no massive merit to utilizing a curved projector screen, deciding whether to use it rests on your shoulders. However, when the throw ratio is 2.0, you should not use a curved projector screen. The screen has no advantage and may lead to a negative viewing experience compared to regular, flat projector screens.

Can a curved projector screen use any projector?

A curved projector screen is usable with any type of screen projector, leading to a dramatic and aesthetic outlook. Although, without a good projector, a curved projector screen cannot offer its viewer a sufficient viewing experience. When your projector lacks an anamorphic lens or the proper throw ratio, the image shall be too long in the screen’s middle and too short along the screen’s sides. The image also comes across as blurry because the focus is not even.

How to utilize a curved projector screen

When trying to make a curved projector screen work with a projector while having the proper throw ratio and lens, one may utilize it in a manner that is similar to that of any other projector screen. Generally, professionals do not recommend using a curved projector screen alongside a projector that does not fit it right. However, when you are intent on utilizing a curved projector screen, you can reduce the room’s brightness by not using an amorphic lens with a short throw ratio and aligning the gain and size of the screen having the projector.


Curved projector screens may enhance one’s visual field while making you feel like the image has more depth by making it a more immersive experience. One may use the curved projector screen with any type of projector; however, the vision shall be blurry and will not fit the screen properly until the lens and throw ratio is corrected.


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