Top POD Systems to Choose From in 2022


Vaping has become the new trend as it offers both punch and safety. Although traditional POD systems were common initially; but the demands shifted towards something more compact. Hence, steering the launch of the POD systems.

Several companies manufacture pod systems. But how to know which one is best? This article revolves around the top POD systems from UWELL. The list also includes your prestige Uwell Crown POD system.

Top POD Systems to Invest In

Caliburn GK2 POD System

The first POD system that will make you forget your last pod is the Caliburn GK2 system. Its dazzling and futuristic design comes in four different colors. You can choose a pod system according to your jeans’ color!

The bottle contains a glass panel with an innovative filigree pattern that makes the heads turn. It includes a refillable pod connected to the coil for premium flavor. Moreover, the type C charging port provides fast charging. The POD system indicates different colors at different battery levels; the vibration indicates the working condition of the POD.

Kalmia POD System

If you are someone who likes the gradient colors in their POD systems, then the Kalmia a pod system is for you. It comes in six fantastic colors. It has a highly compact design. The filler plug is at the top, while the bottom contains the Type C charging port.

Moreover, the pod system is sleek enough to fit to your lips. It uses FCOS technology to provide the premium flavor of the vape. The POD’s design also works as a soother. Tracing its ultra-smooth body helps relax nerves. An intelligent sensor detects the inhaling and supplies the contents to the vaper’s mouth. Lastly, the indicating LED helps monitor the battery levels easily.

Crown POD System

Crown POD systems are the most premium products by UWELL. Four solid colors are available—the crown symbol on the power button rightfully justifies the pod’s name.

The exterior of the pod is compact as compared to the Caliburn PODs. It can hold up to 3 ml of vaping solution. There is an indicating LED present on the lower end of the front panel. The micro-USB port is present below the pod system.

The best part of Crown POD systems is their top-filling design. You can use a filler to pour the contents from the system’s top. This feature is not common in most pod systems. Next comes the adjustable airflow. The option comes in handy when you are a beginner and taking things slow.

Whirl POD System

The whirl POD system looks like an elegant metallic pencil. It has a distinctive slim design. Firstly, the pod allows top filling. You can easily remove the top cap and use a filler to fill the tank. As for the storage capacity, the pod can hold up to 2 ml of vape juice.

Next, you have a rotating wheel to control the airflow. You can turn the adjuster to supply maximum or minimum airflow depending upon your need. Unlike other vaping pods, the Whirl pod is perfectly cleanable with tap water. However, remember to remove the coil before washing.

Pros of POD Systems

When traditional PODs provide the needed punch, why should one go with the latest pod systems? It is a logical query, and the below-listed pros answer it perfectly.

  • POD systems are way easier to use than other vaping products
  • They are highly affordable, and one finds quality products despite the limits of a tight budget
  • POD systems are rechargeable and provide a good battery life. Therefore, they are a good choice for outdoor usage where an electric outlet is unavailable.
  • Lastly, POD systems are incredibly versatile. You can use them in public or an indoor environment as they don’t attract much attention due to their compact sizes.


POD systems no doubt shifted the entire vaping community. They are marvelously easy to use and offer the same crispiness. However, the market options are endless.

Above is a review of the top four pod systems from UWELL. UWELL is a premium vape selling company that offers some fantastic POD systems. But picking one may be a bit challenging. Hence, a review will help narrow down the options to a perfect pick.


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