Unique Technology Behind the Card Issuing Machines


Card issuing machines are one of the most important parts of a card payment processing system. They play an integral role in enabling transactions to be processed by a merchant without having to wait for the customer’s card to be swiped through a credit card terminal or keyed into a POS (point-of-sale) terminal.

You can find this machine in a hotel checking kiosk in use by merchants who do not have access to traditional point-of-sale terminals. Some merchants may choose not to accept credit cards because they think it is too much trouble, while others may not want their customers to see what they are spending.

The technology behind credit card issuing machines is quite complex, but check out some of the most important aspects:

  • The magnetic strip on the back of every credit card contains encoded data that identifies the cardholder and various other information about the card itself. This information is read by the machine when you insert your ATM or credit card into it.
  • The machine then scans the magnetic strip on your ATM or credit card and compares it with its internal database of authorized accounts. If everything checks out, the machine will print out a receipt with your name on it and place this receipt in an envelope along with your newly issued ATM or credit card inside it so that you can take it home with you.

Must Know Features of a Card Issuing Machine

With the growing demand for smart cards, card issuing machines have become very important. They have become an integral part of many businesses. A card issuing machine is a device that can be used to produce smart cards on demand. It allows the user to create customized cards with different features and designs.

The top features of a card issuing machine are:


This feature allows you to print your own design on the card surface. With this function, you can create personalized cards with your own logo or design.


This feature allows you to laminate your custom-made card so that it remains safe from water and dust damage as well as tear and wear while being used in daily activities. The laminated surface also prevents scratches and other damages that may occur during usage of the card.


If you want to store information in your smart cards, then this feature is necessary for you. It encodes all data onto the chip present inside your custom-made smart card before printing it out on paper or plastic sheets using laser printers or UV printers depending on what kind of material you want on your smart card.


One of the top features that you need to look for in a card issuing machine is the speed at which it can process transactions. If you want to use your card issuing machine for small businesses, then you need to have a fast machine that can process transactions quickly so that customers do not have to wait around long periods.

Another feature that is important with these machines is compatibility with different types of cards. Credit and debit cards are very popular, but there are also other types of cards that can be used as well, such as gift cards or loyalty cards. You will want to make sure that your card issuing machine can accept all of these different types of cards so that you never run into any problems when trying to process them through the device.


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