What you should know before buying strip lights


LED lighting has taken a lot of importance because of the various advantages it offers compared to traditional lighting. Not only is it much cheaper and effective, but also very versatile, thanks to strip lights like the ones you can buy from the Govee website.

The low energy consumption and long durability has made many people have changed the entire lighting system of their homes, offices and even large companies. Strip lighting is a resource that LED lighting allows and that has awakened the creativity of users.

This resource is quite practical, easy to install and gives a very special touch to the decoration, however, there are several things you should check before buying strip lights.

Quantity of LEDs

Strip lights come in meters, however, the fact that they are very long does not mean that they have many LEDs. There are strips of 60, 120, 150 and more LEDs, so you have to be very careful about which one to choose.

Many strips come with many LEDs but do not have the length you need to decorate a specific space. So you will have to check if the length and the amount of LEDs match what you are looking for.

This also applies to cost. Many stores sell strip lights of the same size but with varying numbers of LEDs for the same price, so it’s important to check this before you buy one from an online store.

Most LED lighting stores display comparison charts, where you can easily see the advantages and features of each strip and so choose based on what you need, not just on price and number of LEDs.


This is one of the features of strip lights that many people don’t know about and overlook. Although they look great aesthetically, power consumption is the main advantage that LED lighting offers and power is what tells you the level of energy it is consuming.

By being clear about the wattage of the strip light you will know how much energy it is consuming based on how long it stays on. Generally the packaging of the strip lights indicate the amount of watts of the lights, either per meter, per strip or per roll, so this way you will know what type of transformer you will need.


The comparison tables offered by online stores are very useful when it comes to buying something of quality but at the same time at a good price. Evaluating all the variables between features and price is very important.

Sometimes people get carried away by price in different ways. For example, many consider that the more expensive the strip light the better quality it is, and this is not exactly true all the time.

It is not precisely the strips that have more LEDs that are of better quality, nor the ones that have less meters are more economical. Evaluate all your options very well, so you don’t buy an expensive strip light when you could have bought a much cheaper and equally efficient one.


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