Gold Vs. Silver Chains


Buying a crystal necklace can be easy for some people, while it may be extremely hard for others. Some people, they are lovers of necklaces, so finding the best crystal necklace is not a big deal. For other people, however, it is a daunting task because they do not know the steps to take before getting a necklace. Buying a necklace is not just finding a piece that attracts you very much. It is more about considering your skin tone, your face shape and size, and of course, your preference. Another important factor that you can consider when considering necklaces is the type of material used to make the necklaces.

Necklaces are usually made from metals that shine and sometimes stone. While there are different types of metals you can use to make a necklace, the gold and silver counterparts stand tall. Gold and silver are the most common types of metals used to make necklaces. Each of these metals has its respective properties, appearances, advantages, and disadvantages. Both gold and silver necklaces are attractive options, and it has caused a series of debates between lovers of necklaces. Even among brands, some niche their businesses down to sell only gold necklaces, while others combine both gold demand silver necklaces as one. With a lot of debates about gold being a better necklace than silver and vice versa. We have decided to compare gold necklaces and silver necklaces in this guide.

Gold vs silver: appearance

In any comparison between gold and silver, the first thing that comes to mind is the appearance. Gold has a yellow color that shines, while silver has a light gray color. But what most people do not know is these colors associated with gold and silver are only the tip of the iceberg. With gold, there are two other colors, including white gold and rose gold. The white gold is a gold alloy mixed with either manganese, palladium, or nickel. Whichever one of these alloys is mentioned will give the gold color a silver shade. Rose gold, on the other hand, has a mix with copper to give it a pink color. Silver has two different types with slightly different colors. The sterling silver is usually silver but a bit lighter. On the other hand, the oxidized silver has a dark gray shade.

Gold Vs Silver: finances

Cost is usually super important when it comes to choosing between silver and gold chains. As long as you are buying from the right jeweler, you will get fair prices for both gold and silver necklaces. Many times than not, a gold necklace is usually more than a silver necklace of the same quality. The gold necklace is more expensive because the metal is not something you can easily find. Also, gold continues to remain more durable than. Silver, on the other hand, has lower durability, and for some consumers, wearing silver Chains causes allergy.

Gold Vs silver: Maintenance

Maintaining your necklace is almost as important as buying the necklace. Whether you are using a gold or silver necklace, maintaining them is a must. For agold necklace, you may not need more than cleaning with soap water. Silver may need you to use a silver cleaner.


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