Various Types Of A Roll Up Door Latch


A roll up door lock is available in various styles to meet the specific requirements of your facility. There are many different locks designs available, so it’s crucial to know what you’re searching for before you make a purchase.

Tubular Latches

Using a door latch lever or a lever on a privacy or rose door handle, the usage of a tube latch is required. Sizes range from 64mm to 152mm (representing the whole length of the latch). Before purchasing a latch, it’s important to know the backset (the distance between the door’s edge and the hole in the latch that accepts the spindle). When attaching handles with back-to-back bolt-through fixings, tubular latches with holes in their bodies are an option.

Dead Locks

When used in conjunction with a night latch on a wooden front door, deadlocks, also known as mortice deadlocks, increase the security of a home’s exterior doors. They are available in either 63mm or 75mm diameters (this refers to the full length of the lock casing). The length of the lock will determine the key hole’s location.

Roller Bolt Latches

Roller bolt latches are typically used on doors where a cupboard knob or a pull handle is to be installed. The roller slides into the door frame’s striker plate to keep the door closed and change the spring to modify the amount of force required to open and close the door.

Rim Locks and Rim Latches

Rim locks and latches are installed on the door’s face and require a rim knob to be installed. It’s typical to see this type of lock and latch arrangement in older cottages

To open the door, the rim lock has a latch that is activated by turning the knob on the handle and a key that activates the lock from both sides of the door. There is no key for the rim latch, but instead, a button that is pushed across with the finger to lock the door on one side.

Sash Locks

In order to secure a roll-up door with your own key, you will need to utilize sash locks, also known as mortice sash locks. A door lever on rose and keyhole escutcheon can be used in conjunction with them as a doorknob and escutcheon combo. They’re available in 64mm and 76mm widths (this refers to the full length of the lock casing).

The backset is the distance between the edge of the door and the hole in the lock that takes the spindle. Some locks feature holes in their bodies to allow bolts to flow through them while using back-to-back bolts via fittings to attach handles.

Final Thoughts

Choose the perfect latch for your roll-up door to make sure it will function well. Every part of your roll-up door plays a vital role in keeping you safe and protected against a burglar. Latches may differ on some features and functionality. Pick the one that will fit your roll-up door perfectly.


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