Guide for Buying School Playground Equipments


A school playground is undoubtedly a place for the kids to open up, explore their abilities, and grow physically and mentally. Whether it’s a school, nursery, park, or daycare playground, building and planning it is always a challenging task.

Planning and designing playgrounds need careful consideration in every aspect. However, one of the most important & essential parts of the playground is the equipment you will place there. When choosing the school playground equipment, there are a lot of tips and factors that you need to consider.

Here in this guide, we will explain some of the critical points you need to focus on before purchasing the school playground equipment. Make sure to check it out till the end so as not to miss a single issue!

1. Kid’s Age Group

You should select the equipment based on the kid’s age. Schools are usually specified based on preschool, kindergarten, elementary, and high school age groups. The garden equipment is designed specifically for all these age groups by considering safety and other factors. Make sure to check the equipment according to kindergarten school design to high school.

2. Playground Size

The first and most obvious thing that you should look into is the size of the school playground. In the large-size open playground, you can set more big equipment than in the smaller ones. Remember that you don’t need to utilize all the space.

Prefer a spacious safe zone over a compact and filled one. So, the kids can play and run around.

3. Safety First

While purchasing the playground equipment, you should prioritize safety over the fun, size, and number. Many brands provide the tested product that you can check through the product reviews and even in online videos.

Ensure that the equipment can bear the kid’s weight with perfect height and safety grills. Also, check that the equipment material shouldn’t get affected by the environmental changes.

4. Focus on the Designing

While purchasing the equipment, you should avoid choosing anything without proper planning and theme. If you want to attract more kids and increase the number of students, you should intensely focus on the arrangement and design of equipment.

Many companies can provide you with a wholly designed setup based on your budget and space. You can contact such companies to avail yourself of the fantastic offers.

5. Budget

While planning the playground design, you should specify your school budget first. Allocating the budget will save you from unnecessary planning time wastage.

In the budget, ensure to add the equipment price, installation fee, and additional decoration. Do not compromise on the quality and safety of equipment to save a few pennies.

6. Material of Equipment

One thing that many schools forget or ignore is the material of equipment. You might be wondering why the material is essential when the quality is good. Well, not all good-quality materials are eco-resistant. The playground equipment is made from plastic, metal, and wood.

Plastic equipment is easy to maintain and cost-effective with attractive colorful designs. However, plastic is the most susceptible to extreme hot and cold environments.

Metals are the most durable and long-lasting material, but they can be very hot or cold during the summer and winter, making it hard to use them.

Wood is quite suitable and durable material within cost limits, but it needs proper daily maintenance.

You can choose a material based on your weather conditions and the place of your playground.

Wrap Up

While purchasing the school playground equipment, getting help from online blogs will save your time and energy. Hopefully, this article will keep you on track to choosing the right playground equipment for your school.


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