Pros and Cons of Geodesic Dome Homes


A geodesic dome house may not be the most popular homes globally, but it is definitely one of the most unique options. In this guide, we will go over the advantages and disadvantages of choosing geodesic homes.

What Are The Advantages of Geodesic Dome Homes

Design aesthetics in our world today is more than simply having the materials. Innovation has given rise to creative liberty, where you have the freedom to express yourself. And that is where Geodesic domes come into play. These domes have the shape formed by intersections of diverse triangles. Some of the advantages of the geodesic Dome Homes include;

It is a beautiful and unique home option

Beauty is relative to the initiator and the receiver. But a Geodesic Dome is usually beautiful to both the designer and the user. There are different triangles combining to form the geodesic shape, and each of these triangles connects. The interconnection of the triangles makes it a bit confusing at first sight. But if you have the eye for design, you get to realise and appreciate the beauty in the structure.

It saves you energy

Already, we spend a lot of money on energy consumption globally. As a home, it is your duty to do all you can to reduce how you consume energy. With a geodesic dome home, you will be saving lots of energy. Generally, the dome has Insulating properties that will keep the interior temperature at the same levels over a while. Likewise, the sun shining also comes into the Dome through refraction. That means you do not have to turn on the lights in your home frequently.

Strong home option

There is an intersection of all the triangles in the design of a geodesic dome. These intersections make most parts of the dome together. Unlike in a square home where you can easily break one section of the home, the geodesic Dome hinders you from such arrangements. Hence, you have to be sure of your Dome design and arrangement before you build.

It does not cost too much

A Dome looks different and unique; hence many tend to believe it is a whole lot of money. Surprisingly, domes are a lot cheaper than regular homes. The intersections mean there is a reduced surface area being covered in the Dome. As a result, you will not require the type and quantity of materials that you need within the regular home. Hence, you are saving a lot of money on the building and the bills.

What Are The disadvantages of Geodesic Dome

The geodesic Dome saves money and retains the beauty and strength of a home. However, it has some disadvantages you should consider before choosing this type. Some of the Disadvantages of using a geodesic home include;

Problems with partitioning

Space management and partitioning are necessary For every home. With the geodesic dome, you have a beautiful structure on the outside with different triangles, but inside, you have to partition a circular shape. This is always harder.

Problems with inner decorating

Similar to the partitioning problem that comes with a geodesic dome, you will have some issues trying to decorate the items in your home.


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