How to Fish Using lures


Except if you have prior experience beforehand, using a robotic swimming lure can be hard. The lures, made with the aim of helping you catch fish more easily, can become one of the most complex ways to fish. Fishing has existed for hundreds, if not thousands of years, and it is not losing its existence any time soon. While most people who fish do it to make a living, some people do it for leisure and recreation. Regardless, everyone wants to fish successfully. There’s not one person who will want to stay at the river bank trying to get one kill.

One tool that helps the fishing process is lures. As the name implies, the lures are there as traps disguised as food or fellow aquatic creatures. The idea is to tease the fish before finally making a kill. Fishing lures are easy to use, but these things usually come with experience and training. You can’t expect yourself to know how to use a fishing lure more than a fishing expert who has spent decades fishing. However, that does not mean that using fishing lures is hard. With the correct guidelines and patience, you will get your first kill in a matter of minutes. Do you want to learn how to fish with lures? If yes, you should keep reading this article. Here, we explain how to Fish with lures like an expert.

Pick the right lure

There are different types of fishing lures, with each having its specific functions and features. Also, fishing lures come in different colours for various reasons. There are some types of lures that you should use only close to the surface. Also, other types of lures can help you fish towards the deepest part of the lake or river. The period you are fishing should influence the type of lure you choose. When summer is here, using the deep lures is your best option. When spring and fall come, then the surface and subsurface lures will work, respectively. Also, another factor that determines the type of lure you should choose is the type of fish you are targeting.

Attach lure to a fishing rod

When you are sure of the lure you want to use based on its size and season, attaching the lure to the rod is the next step. Of course, the rod you’re attaching to has to be a fishing rod. To attach the lure to the fishing knot, you will most likely need a knot. The knot will have two sides, one on the lure and the other on the rod. The knots should be as strong as possible to carry the size of fish you want. Also, your knot should be towards the end of your fishing rod.

Follow fish activities

After getting your fishing rod and lure together, it is time to fish. Fish move fast when the water is hot and go slow when the weather is hot. You have to follow this trend when you are putting your lure in.


Fishing with bait requires a lot of patience. But if you’re not patient enough, you can try different baits. Moreover, fishing also requires a certain skill and luck, not only depends on the equipment, there will also be uncertain factors such as the weather, of course, the most important thing is that you are patient enough. This will give you a different fishing experience.


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