What Are the Different Types of a Pressure Washer Pump?


A poorly constructed pressure washer pump that can’t uphold the necessary washing PSI is very inconvenient to operate. But, fortunately for you, you’ve come to the right place, where you won’t have to do any of the hard work. The Giraffe Tools pumps on this guide are long-lasting, can handle a broad range of pressures, and won’t break the bank.

Regardless of their use in home tasks or commercial cleaning, these washing pumps can put an end to all your troubles. So let’s take a closer look.

The Distinct Kinds of Pressure Washer Pumps 

While looking in the market, you may come across three different pumps. And lucky for you, we will look at each one in detail.

Wobble Pumps

Wobble pumps are a low-cost solution that is about 70% efficient. And to produce pressure, they employ a wobbling plate coupled to a motor shaft, forcing the pistons back and forth. As a result, the water gets pushed outward.

But even though they use high pressure, the water’s flow rate is still too slow for some. Also, this pump is nearly impossible to repair, which means you will have to buy a replacement in case of damages.

Axial Cam Pumps

Axial pumps, also known as swashplate motors, are more efficient than wobble pumps but less effective than triplex pumps. The pistons within axial cam pumps are angled, letting them work as they travel from one end to suck up the water and then to the other end to send it out. As a result, the pump has better longevity than a wobble pump.

But on the downside, this motor heats up rapidly and takes a very long time to cool back down.

Triplex Pumps

This pump has a crankshaft and connecting rods that control positional motion valves that draw in and force out water with each stride, similar to a vehicle engine.

Considering the production of remarkably high pressure, they get designed for professional-level power washers. And the best part? They can last for a very long time before any needs of servicing or repairs arise.

However, this model is quite expensive, so it might not be economical for the average homeowner.

Picking the Most Suitable Pressure Washer Pump for You

Water Pressure

You may assess the pump’s water pressure in PSI and GPM units. So make sure that these measurements match up with your particular pressure cleaner.

Size Consideration

Whenever it comes to size, there are two factors to consider. To begin, what is the size of the pump, and do you have room for it? Pressure washer pumps are typically seven inches on both sides, although some can be as long as eleven inches.

And second, will it be compatible with your Giraffe Tools pressure washer? So check the connecting point to ensure it is appropriate for the cleaning unit.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to these pumps, there are many different options that you can pick. But in the end, always make sure that it complements the rest of your washing equipment.


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