A Wig: Choosing a Style and Putting It On

honey blonde lace front wig

When undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatment, many women opt for wigs to cover up their thinning hair. Keep in mind that your hair will regrow, albeit it may not be the same thickness, texture, or color as it was before treatment. You can get wigs in all colors from our online store. Not only that, you can even find the honey blonde lace front wig. Verify whether the therapy you are contemplating results in hair loss. Not all chemotherapy causes hair loss. If your hair is long, you may want to consider getting it trimmed short so that a wig or other head covering will be less obvious when you do so. 2 to 3 weeks after your first chemo treatment, your hair often falls out. Consider shaving your head if your hair begins to fall out (use an electric razor to avoid cuts). To avoid waking up with itching hair all over your pillow, this might help you feel more in control. If you are still having trouble keeping your hair in place, consider investing in a Mesh Cap.

Where can I get a wig? 

Look for wig retailers in your region and in the phone book. To ensure your privacy, inquire whether the business offers one-on-one service to cancer patients in need of wig assistance. Some salons may even offer a private space where customers may test on wigs before purchasing them. A cancer support organization in your area may be able to provide information on where to get a wig.  A social worker or nurse at your treatment facility may also provide you with information on where to get a wig.

How to choose a look:

In order to replace your hair, you have a variety of options at your disposal. You may choose from a complete wig, a hair topper, bang attachments, or a halo if you are looking for something a little more subtle. 

Synthetics vs. natural:

You may get wigs that are produced from real hair or synthetic hair. A high-quality synthetic wig looks and feels quite similar to a real head of hair when compared. Make sure you purchase a model that fits your budget and maintenance requirements. Wigs made of synthetic fibers are less expensive, do not lose their color over time, and can be worn in any climate. While synthetic wigs may be cheaper, they do not last as long as genuine hair wigs, and they do not offer the same style options.


With a wig, there are no more excuses for terrible hair days. When their hair comes back, many women continue to wear their wigs, particularly if they do not have the time to have their hair done. Allow yourself to be open to experimenting with various hues and styles. There is a good chance that you and people who love you will both feel better after reading this. You never know you could even receive some praise!


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